Women With Nose

Today, we have Mr. Jorge Canmore with us. He is one of the global representatives of the Canmore community from the nation Canmore land. He has dedicated most of his life to bring justice to Canmores all over the world. Mr. Jorge, Before beginning this interview, I would like to inform the audience that this is not a criticism or commentary over a particular race, religion, culture, or any identity whatsoever. The sole purpose of this interview is to clear the ignorance and misconceptions in the common public about a subject that is becoming a discussion now. — Welcome Jorge.’ said the interviewer Jennifer.

My pleasure.’ said Jorge.

/** Hard fiction discussing uncomfortable subjects ahead. Reader decretion advised. **/

So, let's start from the roots. How it all began? The practice of removing women’s noses. There are misconceptions and speculations about this practice in the western world. We want to hear from you. Educate us about the history behind this practice.’

I’m glad you mentioned it as a practice. — It is just good practice that has its benefits; both medical, as well as societal. It has worked so well for our Canmore people for hundreds of years. If you are a Canmore, I request you to follow the tradition. If you are not, please feel free to follow anything that works for you. I don’t understand what is there to debate about it?’ said Jorge.

Okay. We can skip this question considering the sensitivity associated with it.

No, we do not have to skip the question. Maybe I did not understand the question here.

Mr. Jorge, How did the practice of removing women’s noses come into existence? There are lots of misinterpretations about this practice of Canmore all over the internet. We would like to hear the true version of your history from you.’ asked Jennifer. Jorge collected himself for a brief history.

Nature created man to woman and woman to man. Any other combination is against nature and mankind's existence. That is one thing the civilizations across the globe agreed upon unanimously before they even started communicating with each other. In the twelfth century, our beloved leader Kacper Canmore was ruling our land. His achievements were endless. No history book can go without mentioning him. I guess he does not need an introduction here.’

Yea, we all know Kacper and his conquests were truly endless.’ said Jennifer nodding.

One day, he mistook a man for a woman to his resting place and spent the night with him. In the morning, when he found out the truth, he understood the sin he had committed. Even though that was a mistake, he was so generous to accept the punishment and sacrifice his life to maintain justice. The people came to rescue their beloved ruler. They did not want to lose such a good-hearted man because of one mistake. A committee was formed to discuss the issue. Most men agreed that they themselves have mistaken men for women.

They can’t differentiate a man from a woman?

Yea, how can you? Can you distinguish between a female dog from a male dog especially if dogs wore clothes?

Jennifer agreed. Jorge continued.

And it becomes even harder when men prefer to shave their facial hair for cleanliness. Beards were considered relatively ugly and unhygienic. Today’s scientific community totally agrees that. That was well understood by the committee eight hundred years ago and the proposal to ask the men to grow beards was rejected. Some men even have hormone problems that they can’t grow a proper beard. So, that won’t solve the problem.

Also I understand Canmore men grow long hair to show their status.’ Jennifer added nodding.

Exactly. So, that is not a viable solution for the problem too. And, while the committee was discussing this issue, the bedridden father of Kacper gets to know about the sin and asks the king to kill all the women in the kingdom. It may sound harsh today. But for a well-cultured and well-mannered society that valued dignity more than lives, the sin was too massive to carry on living with it. And also the king completely had the right to do that. But! Kacper went against his father’s advice. He proposed a solution to remove only the noses from women’s faces to distinguish them from the men. That solved the confusion and the dilemma once for all. The chaos settled down finally. And the solution has been working efficiently since then. That is the history behind this practice.’ Jorge stopped. Jennifer asked the next question after a brief pause.

A division of Canmore people follows the practice of removing women’s ears…

Pardon me. They are not Canmore people anymore. It is highly inappropriate to call them Canmores!’ Jorge got a bit agitated.

My sincere apologies Mr. Jorge. That was a mistake. We can edit that part out from the interview.’ Jennifer signed a cut in the camera.

Please do.

A division of people follows the practice of removing women’s ears…

A — Division in what?’ Jorge asked.

Umm. Shall we skip this question?’ Jennifer asked the director.

No no. Look. The words we use here can bring peace to people or agitate them. We have our responsibilities to use proper words that bring peace and not agitation.’ Jorge corrected.

I can’t agree more Mr. Jorge. Some people in the world follow the practice of removing women’s ears. And they suffer the same opposition and criticism as the Canmores all over the world for following their tradition. And they lack proper leadership like you to fight for their rights. Do Canmores and their leaders support their rights as well?

No. Look. When Kacper proposed his solution, his brother proposed this non-sensical ears plan which won't solve any problems. Today their women roam around in the western world freely as uncultured women by covering the sides of their heads with their hair. So, what have you solved? When you follow a flawed ideology and tradition, you are going to suffer. Removing ears is a worthless, baseless, and completely stupid practice that needs to be stopped immediately.

Jennifer looked at her director with an uneasy smile and asked Jorge. ‘Mr. Jorge, should we edit this part out of the interview?

No no. Look. I condemn their practice. I’m rightful to do so within my freedom of expression and I take sole responsibility for doing so.

Okay, What do you tell to young Canmore girls who…

Also, One more thing. You may think I’m being hypocritical here. But the throughput matters. You can’t call a Canmore stupid because that points to hundreds of millions of people. The ear removing stupid group is barely a couple of millions and they should correct themselves and revert back to their roots. That's all. Continue.

What do you tell to the young Canmore girls who refuse to remove their noses?

Those girls who refuse to follow are mostly influenced by western undignified culture. They talk about freedom. Following other’s culture is not freedom. Those girls consider their social media pictures more important than their family’s respect and well being. They should fight to protect their culture but they are trying to kill it by joining western forces. In the same social media, You can find enormous examples of Canmore women with dignity who proudly post their noseless pictures and being a positive role model for our women. Why can’t those girls follow them?’

Yes. There are lots of inspirational Canmore women like Irma Hag and Ingrid Gorgon who are doing a great job.

See? Exactly. They should follow the right people and not any other attention-hungry worthless non-Canmore women.’

I have to add this. I too have personally come across a few truly brave Canmore ladies in my life. It is hard to be different from the majority and stand their ground. In my school, we had a beautiful Canmore girl in our class. I grew up witnessing the hell she went through right from the kinder garden. Our teachers treated her differently and students called her names and bullied her constantly throughout her childhood. I could not imagine being in her place. I’m happy to finally see some voices to morally support them.’ Jennifer added her thoughts.

Exactly. That is the story of each and every Canmore living outside the Canmore land. And these Canmore girls who reject the tradition should feel ashamed that they bring massive insult to the sacrifices the others are making. If you don’t want to comply, at least don’t brag on the internet with your ugly noses.

I can understand and share your disappointment Mr. Jorge. We still have people who can see people who would protect any human being from being ignored due to his or her appearance.’ Jennifer assured.

Completely agree with you on this. People are people. Your government is discriminating against us because we don’t have noses. When did you come here? How did you occupy this land? You betrayed the natives here.. **Jennifer alarmingly looks at her director** You betrayed your allies…Whose land is this?? I say every land is for the whole humankind and very soon Canmores will ru…**Director cuts Jorge’s mic**

‘Mr. Jorge, Let’s please move on. Educate us about the benefits of this practice.

Benefits… Yea. It is of course scientifically proven to be healthy. There is a free flow of air to the lungs. Our studies say Canmore women live longer and healthier with an abundance of oxygen. This world believes only if we talk through scientific papers. We have people in important places. More studies and scientific papers on the way.

And Mr. Jorge you mentioned societal benefits. Can you elaborate on that?

Jennifer, You are a woman yourself and you are breathing since the beginning of this interview. You can do that because your nostrils push the air out downwards and not towards me right?


And hence you can confidently face me in my eyes throughout the interview. That is not allowed in the Canmore community. Without a nose, the women without wanting to hit us with their breathe bend their heads down. That is how we grow our women cultured and empowered. Empowerment is the ability to focus on important things and not men. Men and Women looking directly into the eyes cause all the problems in society. Men will get attracted, men will get ideas to pursue. It is a total waste of time. Love will happen eventually. Men and women should not urge.

On a lighter note, do you get ideas as I have looked in your eyes for quite a while now Mr. Jorge?’ Jennifer asked politely with a funny yet simple smile.

A very rude question.’ Jorge smiled and looked away.

Okay, I am sorry. Let's move on. Tell me about your journey to the top of this responsible post. We know you had a really tough childhood growing up in western civilization. How did that shape you into what you are today? Were you bullied? How did the majority treat you? And how did you overcome the bullies? These will be so helpful for today's minority generation who are going through the same.

Mr. Jorge?

You want an honest answer?’ Jorge asked looking away.


I personally feel nothing looking at your face. I think your face is disgusting with a nose. You laugh and talk looking straight at me like a man but with a female voice. You talk like you care. But I can see your party wants to fill the nation with immigrants and minorities. That is a sure shot hit strategy to acquire the presidency forever over the years.’ Jorge said and smiled awkwardly.

I do care. Mr. Jorge.

I never believe a woman with a nose.’ Jorge smiled firmly.

Now?’ She asked hiding her nose with her palm.

I still know you have a nose.’ Jorge grinned.

— — —

How do you react to the community forced nose mutilation happening in Canmore land? Do you consider that as oppression?’ a reporter asked Irma Hag coming outside of her office.

Why am I reduced to my nose?’ Irma Hag rolled her eyes and kept walking.

Do you consider Canmore women with noses as Canmore women?’ the reporter persisted walking beside her.

Do you think I’m the authority who is printing their ID cards?’ Irma kept walking.

No. But hundreds of thousands of people follow you on social media and It is important what you say to them.

They have the right to follow me. You have the right to report me if you feel so. I have the right to be politically active in that account.

What do you tell to the countless number of young girls who are fleeing the Canmore land not willing to undergo the nose removal tradition.

Ok. Here is what I’ve got to say.’ Irma stopped briefly. ‘I request them to respect and follow what their parents say. Your parents can’t be wrong. Your parents won’t think of anything that is harmful to you. Your beauty is a mirage. Your discipline will stay even after we all die.’ The twenty-year-old said straight at the camera.

I understand that you encourage Canmore girls in a positive way to have their noses mutilated. But if a daughter refuses, her parents get depressed that their daughter is not as cultured as Irma Hag and they disown their daughter for that. How do you look at this?

Your choice of words are vicious Mister Who Ever You Are. It is not mutilation. It is a choice. Why can’t you see this? Every choice obviously has consequences. Some choices will bring peace and well-being to your family, some choices will kick you out of your home and some choices can even get you killed. Okay? — But! — still, that is your choice. How simple can it get? Choice is the keyword here. Write that down big on your bedroom wall. Choice! Underline the word. Read that out loud every day a thousand times.’ Irma shouted and walked away.

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