The Chosen Ones

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As a Ranswi

If you were born as a Sahbut, Would you still agree that the Ranswi are the superior race?’ Ms. Elizabeth came to the nation of Silhari to interview the 33-year-old Warlord and dictator named Kingnis.

Kingnis came to power two years ago through a military coup superseding the democratically elected Ranswi-led government by killing Pomghi, the president. Sahbut and Ranswi were two ethnic groups living in that region together with conflicts for centuries. Or, the historians conveniently told them so.

If you were born as a pig Ms. Elizabeth, What would you be doing? You would have not learned to talk, travel and interview. You would have felt content staying in the mud forever eating feces.’ — ‘Ask legit questions.

Pomghi is not a pig. He is a Ranswi too. Why did you kill him?

He is not a pig. He is a worm in the mud that the pig lives in. He favored Sahbuts in unacceptable ways. He allowed them inside our schools, workplace, and food places. He had to be eliminated.

What makes you think a Ranswi is superior to Sahbut?

Kingnis turned to his ministers standing behind the camera. ‘If I slap this woman right here, Will there be consequences?’. The ministers started whispering to each other.

Please wait, Ms. Elizabeth.’ Kingnis said and patiently waited. One of the ministers came and whispered in his ears. He turned to the interviewer.

What makes you think we are equal to them? They are mannerless, illiterate swineherders. They are born to live, feed and die with swine. Ranswis are farmers. We grow food. Our literature and scriptures talk about it. The Lord chooses who to be born as a Ranswi and who to be born as Sahbut.

Sahbut had literature too. Your government destroyed them. They were not given education by the Ranswi government for the last 30 years before Pomghi finally allowed them. Why so much hatred? They look similar to you. Are they not your brothers?’ The interviewer asked. Kingnis looked at one of his ministers. He signaled no.

‘You have questions?’

Why can’t you treat everyone like the same. Bring peace in the country and stop the genocide that you are doing.

Genocide? It is a war that is happening for centuries.

When will it end?

It will end when the Sahbuts submit or leave the country. When will this interview end?

Can a Sahbut convert himself to a Ranswi to live peacefully?

One day, a bunch of pigs knock at your door and want to live with you in your home peacefully, They promise that they have been converted into human beings. But you can see them as plain pigs. What would you do?

Thanks for the interview Mr. Kingnis. It was a pleasure talking to you. The interview is over.’ The interviewer said without a smile and got up.

God rewound the time and made Kingnis born into a renowned Sahbut family and fast-forwarded 33 years.


As a Sahbut

If you were born as a Ranswi, Would you still agree that the Sahbut are the superior race?’ Ms. Elizabeth came to the nation of Silhari to interview the 33-year-old Warlord Kingnis.

Kingnis captured the nation by killing Pomghi with his troupe two years ago. Although the Sahbut population is outnumbered 3 to 7, Kingnis managed to keep the nation under his control through extreme measures.

Yes. Sahbuts are hunters and warriors. For centuries, Sahbuts have lost so many lives living on the outskirts and protecting this region for centuries while the Ranswis were living peacefully in the country. If I were born as a Rasnwi, I would have felt ashamed every day of my life.

Do you believe in Democracy Mr. Kingnis?

Not until we level up the Ranswi population with ours.

So, What measures are you taking for leveling up their population?

We have taxes, limited education, birth rates, and limited land rights. As a result, they are fleeing in herds.

So, That is your explanation for the disappearing Ranswi population?

Yes. They just flee. Men and women.

It looks like they are going nowhere Mr. Kingnis. What is your take on the genocide allegations made on you?

Sahbuts have always been the victims of the massive genocide until I got the power. We are outnumbered 3–7. Learn the history before talking, Ms. Elizabeth.

If everybody from the opponent clan wants to convert themselves into your clan and wants to stop this war and hatred, Would you allow it?

Life is harder as a goat. Goat can not convert itself into a tiger to not be eaten. They have different purposes. Goat’s purpose is to grow itself healthy and be eaten.

God stopped and rewound. Kingnis was made to be born into an extremist family out of the Ranswi and Sahbut.

As an erratic extremist

Kingnis grew up fearless and erratic. He realized that his ethnic group is underrepresented. He found reasons to be violent. He grew vengeance over both the majority ethnic groups. He organized a small group and was involved in creating small disturbances in the peace of the nation. He conquered the nation in an unexpected coup at his 31st age defeating the army and getting a stronghold on the capital.

He had to rule a nation where the entire population was against him. He believed violence was the only way to continue the rule. There were the Kingnis appointed journalists and the dead journalists. There were the Kingnis’ favorite business people and the dead business people. He spared no one.

Elizabeth was strictly warned against visiting Silhari provided by the turbulent political climate. She refused to listen. Her helicopter was shot down as expected.

God got frustrated and stopped. He swiped his sweat and rewound the time, and made Kingnis be born into a peace-loving, not-Ranswi, not-Sahbut, and non-extremist environment and fast-forwarded 33 years.

As a peace-lover

Is it moral to drive out an entire population because of their race?’, Ms. Elizabeth asked the warlord Ngunmati.

What is moral? In our scripture, Our God demands to drive out Sahbuts from this land. Whom should we listen to? You or our God?’ Ngunmati asked.

God learned that Kingnis was killed at a very young age in an ethnic cleansing act done by one of the governments. Ngunmati was the guy the country got itself into. What clan does he belong to? It does not matter. He disliked the opponent clan from his heart. All of his army personnel disliked the opponent clan from their hearts.

Send in the son

God rewound the time back a few centuries. He identified a critical point where the ***** arrived at the lands where ***** existed. The clans’ names are censored considering the sensitivity of the commenting on who are the lands original sons. The clash that happened back then leads to one clan occupying the center and the other occupying the outskirts.

God decided to send his son to that critical turning point to preach love and unity.

They sent him back in that historical brutal clash.

What would change your heart? A cry of a hungry child won’t melt your heart? A cry of a mother who lost her son for your brutal actions won’t change your heart?’ Elizabeth asked.

Nothing will. But I want you to change your mind and worship me as a hero with absolute respect and love.’ Kingnis replied.

God got fed up.


God decided diamonds can solve the problem. He made Silhari rich in diamonds. The local government tried to mine them but got greedy and asked for foreign help.

The diamonds took the center stage. The foreigner landed with huge equipment and mined Silhari inside out. The foreigner helped the local government to establish a legal system that enforces labor laws and so on.

He fast-forwarded to the current day. There were no dictators. There was an obedient government ruling the land. The races were not the leading problem of the country.

How much did the diamonds serve to the country’s economy? How much did the local government officials earn? How much did the foreigner get out of this trade? Is there too much corruption?

God focussed on Elizabeth. The abundant diamonds from Silhari had influenced her into running a small fashion jewelry shop in her town. She married a simple man called Sam, her neighbor, and lead a happy life.

God took his glasses off and sighed with relief.

He took Sam’s application and marked it with a tick having a Martin Scorsese smile on his face. ‘Sam… such a nice boy.’ He said wrapping it carefully before putting it into a done bin.

He took the next one. It read, ‘God, I want a big car. (Bigger than Nancy’s)’.

God stopped, Called it a day, brushed his teeth, and went to bed.

Nancy asked the same, last week.’ He murmured in sleep. ‘These women Urghhh!!!’ and started snoring divinely.

The End.



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