Terry, The True Selfless Hero

The world was torn apart after that apocalyptic event. The government took care of the food and rationed food every morning. If missed, families had to stay hungry till the food truck arrives the next morning.

Muscle power played a role in collecting food in the queues. The survival of the families was proportional to the strongest being in the family.

Terry and Cleo were two men work together in a pact to safeguard food for their respective families. They were masculine and they never take more than what was needed. Terry and his family needed 6 units of food to survive every day while Cleo needed 5 units. Terry and Cleo themselves needed 1 unit of food every day to survive.

Both the families were doing fine with 5 and 6 units of food every day. But the good times faded quickly. The mobs started hijacking the food truck before it arrives for the public. They took a part of the stock before supplying.

Terry and Cleo only got 4 units of food on average every day. Terry loves his family more than himself. He also loved the stories about heroes who sacrificed for some noble cause. He was an emotional man. Terry every day gets the 4 units of food — gives the whole to his family — lies that he had had his portion on the way. He was very happy to see his family eat full stomachs every day. Cleo rationed the food proportionally.

‘You got to eat something. You cant go on like this.’ Cleo was sad when he found out Terry never eats the food he gets.

‘A smile on my family people makes me think it is more than my life. Can you do one favor?’

‘Anything you want my friend’

‘After I die, you should never tell my family that I sacrificed all the food I got for them. Promise me.’

‘You have a big heart, my friend. I promise’

Terry died a week after that conversation.

Their family came to know about his sacrifice. His wife Maia asked the kids to remember the sacrifice Terry did for the family. She asked the family to keep the legacy of Terry for generations to come. Mission Terry the selfless hero was formed.

The family tattoed his name in different parts of their bodies. They sat down and collected all the tale-worthy things he did for the family. One consideration during the brainstorm was to actually start a religion based on Terry’s life teachings and methodologies. Everyone felt that the idea was too ambitious for the current scenario and marked deep into the roadmap. She approached a poet to write the tales they collected in a poetic way. Terry’s family was so busy for a day and then hunger struck.

Everyone on Terry the selfless hero mission perished one after another in the upcoming weeks.

Cleo was doing fine.



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