React Query in SSR starring Graphql-Codegen

Karthick Ragavendran
3 min readDec 9, 2021

Graphql is awesome. Need to make it more awesome?

What makes Graphql more awesome?

Consider the below type Character.

Imagine we query 4 properties from the type.

Now, if we can do the below, that makes working with Graphql more awesome!

In this article, we will see how to get up-to-date type checking and auto-completion with serverside data fetching synched to the client side cache.


Find the repository for finished code below.

Create a new next app.

npx create-next-app --ts

Install dependencies

npm i graphql
npm i -D @graphql-codegen/cli

Initialize the project

npx graphql-codegen init

Answer a few simple questions

Note the two plugins Typescript and Typescript Operations in Pick plugins.

Legacy peer dependency

While installing the dependencies with npm i, You may encounter the Could not resolve dependency problem with the version of graphql.

This problem can be worked around by downgrading your npm version to 6.x. But use the --legacy-peer-deps flag.

npm i --legacy-peer-deps

Install React Query

The official documentation of graphql-codegen plugin for the react-query is elaborate. Check that out for more details.

npm i react-query
npm i -D @graphql-codegen/typescript-react-query

Update Codegen.yml

Update the codegen.yml file in the root to resemble the below.

  • exposeFetcher: By default, codegen generates custom hooks for our queries and mutations. But hooks can not be used with getStaticProps or getServersideProps. This property was introduced to enable a fetcher function that we can use in the server-side functions. Ex: useGetCustomers.fetcher().
  • exposeQueryKeys: This property enables .getKey(). We use it as the key for the react query without having to manually give a string.
  • Content-Type fetchParams: The Content-Type by default is set to text/html for the response header and text/plain for the request. That will get us the POST body missing. Did you forget use body-parser middleware? error. So update this to application/json.
  • pureMagicComment: This is to enforce tree-shaking.

Sample query

Create a query.graphql file. You can name this anything you want as long as it matches src/**/*.graphql that we provided in the documents field in codegen.yml.


Execute the below command to see your types and react query hooks generated for us!

npm run gql:codegen// ornpx graphql-codegen --config codegen.yml

React Query — Hydrate

React query suggests two ways to query data in SSR. Read about that in detail here.

We are going to use the hydration technique.

React Querying in getStaticProps

That’s it.

Try removing the client-side fetching of useGetCharacters (lines: 21, 22) and you will still see the data being stored on the client-side using the dev tools.

How cool is that?

Thank you!



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