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A large software product does not have to be complex. It can be a huge arrangement of simple independent units that communicate in a predetermined fashion.

What does a React Redux project comprise of?

  • UI components
  • Redux Slices (that acts as a core for the domains)
  • Utility functions

We can quantify the complexity of an application by the…

Let's create a robust boilerplate that helps us focus on application building.


Create a react application with the below command.

npx create-react-app my-app --template pwa-typescript

Rename the project name from my-app as you need. Also, note we use pwa-typescript template which provides the setup for a progressive web app.



The foundation part of the design system comprises all basic styling necessities for a project.

We will go through them one by one and create them using tailwind css.


We can either extend or completely reset the colors. Let's reset the colors. The brand Color of epicgames.com is #007dfc

Let's create everything under the UI for our epic clone project.

Once we get our infrastructure under our UI right, plugging UI components will become a breeze.


Clone the start branch to follow. Clone the final branch to follow the concepts skimming through the code quickly.

// Repository

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